Blockchain Biodiversity FounDAtiOn

Collaborative Pioneers
Green Schools Irish Poster Competition Winner

The blockchain community members are collaborative pioneers at heart. The technology we use encourages diversity to find new and better ways to do things in an ossified financial and political world.

Crypto’s Cambrian Explosion

Our community members have been beneficiaries of a Cambrian explosion in technological and human innovation. Yet at the same time we witness the destruction of diverse natural habitats and extinction of life forms that have been on Earth for many millions of years

We are all part of the tree of life

It is time for members of the blockchain community to join together to commit some resources and intelligence to join with the wider communities that work hard to help protect the biosphere we live in and are a part of. We are developing a DAO (BiodiversityDAO) and Foundation to help achieve these objectives.

  • The purpose of BiodiversityDAO is to:
    • kickstart the crypto community into getting engaged in biodiversity issues (awareness)
    • help fund biodiversity projects and rewilding initiatives (impact)
    • improve the scientific basis for valuing other life forms and making resource decisions (wisdom).

Human beings are not exempt from the iron law of species interdependency…The biosphere does not belong to us; we belong to it.

E O WIlson.


We define success as meaningful actions by the community that have a positive measurable impact on biodiversity and the ethics related to the diversity of life-forms and species